The Gloves

Ok so here’s my progress for the gloves. I found a pair on ebay that were mega cheap and basically perfect for like £2, here’s a link!


I traced around the front bit, and then make this sort of shape on paper.


Cut it out in EVA foam to give it rigidity (Try saying that word multiple times)


Was very lucky to find this material in a bargain bin, this photo is awful, but it’s beautiful in real life.Traced so it overlaps the foam a little bit, and just glued it on.


Drew out the heart shape in foam, it was a little too big to be honest, I wish i’d measured this all first.


Getting out the contact adhesive again and gluing that one. For the white bits, the tips of the fingers I used some of the same PVC material as on the coat to make it sturdier, and then realised I had a bottle of white puff paint, which was actually perfect for the lines. But you do need a sturdy hand… More PVC for the line around the heart too.


Looking alright! The only thing is I got too much contact adhesive everywhere, so now i’m slowly removing it with cleaning alcohol.


More gluing to put it all together, and it’s done! I had to cut in to the foam a little more for the triangle though, the shape wasn’t quite right, but i’m pretty happy with this.


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