Steampunk Outfits Through the Years…

For maybe 6-7 years i’ve been involved in the steampunk community, it’s been a big part of my life, and one of the reasons I got in to costume making. Though, like a lot of UK steampunks, to me these are outfits rather than “costumes” (I’d wear a lot of these out on a regular day too). One thing I love about this community is the sheer overwhelming inspiration at every turn, so much creativity by everyone involved, even if it’s picking out premade bought stuff to put together in to an outfit. So I just thought i’d share a few of mine from over the years, from way back when I first started out and organised a meetup in North Wales, to now living in Lincoln, at the heart of the UK steampunk scene!

First one, (third from the left) my first steampunk outfit ever, with an ill fitting shirt, boots that hurt like hell, and other pieces from charity shops.

First asylum, more charity shop clothes, and feeling totally underdressed compared to everyone around!

Maybe two years later? Had a mohawk and had fake dreads put in for this. I wish I knew what makeup was back then -_- One of my first tries at clothes making, turning sari fabric in to a bustle. This photoshoot was so awkward. Photographer cornered me outside, asked me to pose in the greenhouse, and before this was asking me to pose like I was awe inspired by something magical I’d seen in the distance. I threw my hands to the sky and gasped in awe, and it looked SO, SO BAD. Then I asked if I could just do a normal one.

Bought a vintage bridesmaids dress and discovered the beauty of wigs, feeling fancy here

Crappy mirror selfie ahead. Wish I hadn’t got rid of that skirt, but i’m not sure red is for me.

The bridesmaid dress in full at the next Asylum. Also this hat I found in a charity shop which I’m still not entirely sure what kind it is but it’s great for keeping the rain off.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to do a casual steampunk witch type thing. Might post a tutorial on how to make the hats, they’re super easy.

Last year me and my partner decided to do a steampunk/dystopian fusion look, little bit mad max inspired. Getting more in to making my own stuff to wear, did the goggles, arm warmers, and stuff hanging off belts, which is totally a thing in the dystopian future.

This was a test for it beforehand,when I was thinking of wearing leggings and a cape as well.

More witchy look with a dress my brother got me, from a charity shop somehow, amazing the stuff you can find! I made the birdhouse staff too from a wooden  basic bird house, then adding moss and fimo bits.


and finally, a more girly look I threw together for the last day of Asylum last year. The parasol I made years ago, it’s got toadstool style pattern on top, and the same but with no wig.


So that’s it for now, this Asylum i’m planning on a few different things, one being the Mei outfit, which I might do a steampunk adaption of, and just generally want to keep improving! Hopefully this shows you can start out crap and with no knowledge of putting together costumes, but with practice can end up with something decent.

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