This Could Have Gone Better…

So this is when my not-quite-a-dremel arrived. I ordered one with a flexi end, to be more detailed, but that didn’t work so I just did it with the main section. Would not recommend with cheap ass models… However later on when they sent a new flexi thing it worked great. So here you can see me butchering it.

Went a different direction with the barrel so that it no longer looks like something from the dregs of a bargain bin. Two rectangles, folded over and glued together, with the side cut out, and layering bits on to the end to sand away.

..ehh bit messy but it kind of gave the shape I was looking for.

This probably looks like a bit of a leap, but actually it’s just gluing all the different pieces together, which was a lot of fun to see it come together!

I didn’t make the back piece yet, because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it yet and wanted to keep options open for maybe using white clay/fimo. Up next, spraying!

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