Ice Gun, Coming Up!

I thought i’d post my progress along the way as I work on a cosplay, for my own reference and anyone who’s interested! It’s not necessarily the best way to do it, but this made a good result for a complete and total beginner.

First step, tracing over the gun cosplay reference in Illustrator to create a vector I could print and cut out. If anyone wants the PDF let me know, handily it fits on an A4 page!

I cut out bits that would be separate pieces.

I bought a roll of EVA foam from Ebay to work with, it was possibly a little thin for some bits, so I also cut up a cheap mousemat I had. I traced around sections from the template, and glued together with contact adhesive (This stuff is incredible how have I never heard of it before!)

For the tube, I tried out just rolling up a bit of foam, but it looked pretty awful this is how I did it instead. Cut along one edge of a loo roll, cut the ends to size, and sellotape to reseal. Then glue on the foam with contact adhesive, the edges going a little over the edge of the tube. Foam circles glued to where the top of the loo roll tube was, and then I used a hot air gun to slowly heat up the hanging edges and press them inwards to get that shape. There will be a gap on top still, so just glued a circle on that.


Front section traced and cut, make sure to use a scalpel or craft knife! So much more precise, but also dangerous, so be very careful. I made fake screws by just rolling up some foam and gluing to itself.

The arch at the front, I traced it out like this, then added a flat bit along the longest edge. I would advice adding some strong wire to keep it in shape, which I didn’t but.. hindsight.



And this is where I stopped for a few days. I thought that self adhesive vinyl stuck to a card tube would be a good way of doing the barrel. Spoiler alert, it is not. Look at this. It could have been so good 😦

More progress next time! Thanks for reading


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