Come on everyone, just a little bit longer.

At this point I forgot about the bit sticking out the side, which I had no idea how I was going to get that shaped. I experimented with heating foam again, but it just didn’t work out. I found a bottle that was the perfect shape and size, but too heavy. In the end I found a small bottle of glitter glue I had that was right for it, so I sprayed and painted that up, then made a base for it from foam. I wanted it to be secure in the back piece, hence the long bit of foam sticking out the bottom, thats just for balance.

Inside the back piece, I found a use for that self adhesive vinyl- Here’s where I planned to put the LED, so hoped that putting shiny paper down would make it reflect the light out better. I covered the whole inside, and made a kind of floor, and stuck the LED through that, so that the wires were hidden at the very bottom.

…like so. Pretty messy and I just wedged in purple foam to stand it up. But it works! I also hastily cut a hole in one side for the bottle. Finding the plastic globe was an absolute nightmare. I tried buying half baubles off ebay, but in the end I found the perfect size on the packaging for this like, runner bean teepee thing my nan bought. I nearly cried when I finally found the perfect clear plastic semisphere. That’s what my life is now.

I cut a hole in this bit for the battery pack to go in to. There is also a switch attached, which was to hang down between the two sections and stick underneath, then the plan was to stick the trigger to it so you could click it to turn on.

I found an Etsy store where someone had made the decals, which you can buy made up properly, he says you can just print it out if you want. Which I am eternally grateful for and should probably send some money their way because this was a lifesaver.

Also gold sprayed the lower bit, used the hole punch to make a hole and screws,  and made little bits for the side from more foam.

To stop the battery pack falling out the front and being visible, I made a plug that was icicle shaped, which just slotted in through the front of the barrel. It’s just scrunched up paper painted up.

Painted in the side bits. If i did this again i’d make this more 3D.

And stuck more decals on.

At which point I realised I forgot that gold bit that goes on the back, and the white cap on top. Back to foam!

The icicle on the inside.

I stuck a bit of unpainted foam between the back piece and barrel, just to hold all the electronics in, as you can see some wires poke out for the battery pack in the barrel. It gave more of a surface for it all to glue together nicely too. I realised that the handle was too small. So I ragequit for a little bit, then just quickly remade it. Here you can see where the switch is as well, I just cut a semi circle for it to be glued in to, it holds steady between the two sides.

The handle would be supporting a  lot of weight, so I stuck some needles in to the smaller bit of it to stick in to the cannister. This worked well, and it feels very sturdy. For the top part, I used an actual screw stuck in to it to hold it in place, it would have just fallen otherwise.

The final steps were just polishing everything off and gluing the back to the front piece, which was more nerve wracking than I feel it should have been. In the next post i’ll show the finished product!


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