Cold as Ice!

Everything online recommends using Plastidip spray to coat foam EVA, so I listened to their advice. And I pass it on to you, definitely do that. Although don’t do what I did and go in heavy handed and close, the layers ended up a bit thick so I ended up with bobbly bits. On the whole though, even coating, and dries very quickly!

This is my makeshift spray station- A bamboo pole between the table and wall, and some string suspending it.

For the barrel, I bought an incredible metallic blue paint, after spending waay too long researching it. This is after one single coat…

The white acrylic paint on the other hand, awful, just awful. It ruined the smoothness of the tube on the bottom, and no matter how many coats you add, it just is streaky and horrible. So later on I bought some white spray paint to lay on thick, and it worked so much better.

Learn from my mistakes, please.

Now a bit I was dreading, the back piece… I just couldn’t work out how to do it for ages. Here’s a base shape that I managed to work out, it’s not 100%, but it looks right in the final thing. Also in the photo on the right, you can see my first attempt vs last attempt, which ended up being super different.


Adding more to it… Bottom left is the bit on the inside, it was an awkward shape to make in foam since it’s kind of round, so I just made a stack of foam then heated a foam circle on top to give it that shape. Bottom right is after plastidip, so happy with it at that point!



Starting to come together after I begin adding colour! Coated many times in white spray paint, then used the same blue as for the barrel. Those round holes were made using one of those hole punches shaped like a pen…they’re super cheap but also just the right size to punch screw shaped holes or make tiny foam cylinders.

In the next post i’ll go over the extras and details.

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